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Living in Comfort with Barclay Butera Watermill Bedding

Last summer, my partner and that I purchased a replacement home. The previous owner had rented it bent tenants and to be honest, the place was during a real mess. We knew that though, and that is why we bought it - so we could place the own stamp on the place and make our ideal home. it had been also less expensive than buying one already wrapped to someone else's tastes with barclay butera watermill bedding - obviously not accounting for the budget to renovate, more thereon later.


Before we even got the keys, we met with our builder several times and applied for planning permission. All went well there and as soon as we had the keys, building work began. We had an extension built and at an equivalent time ripped everything out of the house, from carpets to the light fittings, to the kitchen as well as the toilet. And that we started again. Luckily my wife's parents put us up for 3 months whilst all of this happened...

I won't enter the blood sweat and tears that ensued throughout this process, let's just say it had been very difficult and took tons of energy and therefore the budget spiraled beyond all expectations! Four months later, the perfect home was able to enter and that we couldn't wait.

Choosing accessories

Once in, we then had to start out brooding about the small things, blinds, curtains, furniture and another, albeit less physical and more fun, process began. My wife is that the lead when it involves interior decoration and features a good eye for design. By now obviously paint colours had already been chosen and we'd gone with Farrow & Ball's 'All White' throughout the house. This was quite bold and clean and left us ready to have a darker carpet within the hallway with cream within the bedrooms. It also meant that we could add nice wallpapers to single walls for an area effect.

This article is about the linen, though. Within the main bedroom, we went with a turquoise accent color, therefore the curtains, lamp shades and in fact the bedding. The sheet is white, with spare pillow cases in white. The duvet cover is turquoise alongside the most pillowcases. The bed may be a chrome bed from Next and therefore the bedroom looks really stylish.

The child's bedroom is that the same color but the bed sheets are white and therefore the duvet cover may be a multi-colored superhero design! Beat all; it's about choosing the proper bedding for the bedroom you're dressing.

Things to consider:

  • The wall and ceiling colors
  • Available bedding colors
  • Bed Linen quality i.e buy the proper color but check it is also getting to be comfy
  • Carpet color that does not clash

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